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Because the lotus plant blooms and produces seed at the same time, it symbolizes the simultaneity of cause and effect, a fundamental pillar of Buddhist philosophy.

Cause and effect is also Newton's 3rd Law of Motion: "For every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Naturally, it's also central to our design approach.

In order to make the most profound changes for a company, you have to understand the existing causes--what works well and what doesn't. From that knowledge, you can make the most impactful decisions.

Headshot of Sandra Lloyd, owner of Lotus

Sandra Lloyd, Owner

Sandra Lloyd is a user experience strategist and designer who has been designing digital products and services since 2010.

She started out as a professional oboist, switched careers a few times (IT to physical therapy to financial services) until finally discovering UX.

Since then, she's collaborated on and led design teams in enterprise, product, b2b, and healthcare tech companies, as well as design agencies. (Some past clients include SAP Concur, T-Mobile, Amazon, Hawaiian Telcom, Alcon, Pfizer, ExxonMobil, Fjord, and Tribal DDB.) In 2022, she started Lotus Experience Design in order to focus on what she does best: providing bespoke, high-quality problem-solving services to companies with complex challenges to solve, applying methods rooted in user-centered design, service design and interaction design.

Sandra makes her home in awesome Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, where she enjoys learning Russian (so she can chat with her neighbors), participating in Buddhist activities, dancing, and hanging out with her wife, Sanda, and two dogs, Bella and Penny.